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Fotolia Launches PhotoXpress as Free Source of Graphics

For smaller companies, a new source of photos for use in brochures and online activities is now available.

In direct competition to sites that require payments, Fotolia LLC, a New York-based worldwide provider of micro-price graphics, has launched what it describes as "the world's largest free, premier-quality image bank," offering royalty-free image licenses for personal and professional use.

PhotoXpress(, the new, separate entity, says it will supply images for any desired use, which could range from Web-site design and brochure illustrations to advertisements and editorial imagery.

“Small businesses, home businesses, consultants and students need images to help improve the look of their marketing campaigns and presentations. They struggle to find high-quality, affordable images for their company brochures, Web sites, advertising and newsletters. Today, the struggle is over,” says Patrick Lor, president, PhotoXpress North America. “PhotoXpress has created the largest free collection of high-quality images on the Web that allows these professionals access to the imagery they need – without the standard licensing costs associated to other sources that would make use of stock imagery cost-prohibitive.”

PhotoXpress, which is based in Hartford, Conn., features a collection of more than 350,000 images and vector illustrations. Members will be able to license as many as 10 RF images daily, free of cost. Membership itself is also free, a PhotoXpress spokesman said.

The images were sourced through a number of partnerships from throughout the world, and the image library will grow daily by the thousands as additional images are sourced.

The collection spans more than 20 categories, ranging from images of people in professional settings to scenic shots from around the world. All images have accompanying model releases and may be used for any personal, commercial or professional use.

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